LM Performance Launches Driver & Racer Support Programme (DRS)

UK based LIQUI MOLY oil and additives partner, LM Performance (LMP) launches racing driver sponsorship support programme.

LM Performance Launches Driver & Racer Support Programme (DRS) LIQUI MOLY DRS PERFORMANCE LOGO


“Motorsport is very expensive, I know that first hand,” states BTCC Champion and LM Performance Founder, Robb Gravett “Every penny that is spent by a racer is precious. When LMP was setup, part of our vision was to look at ways we could support drivers and ‘give back’ to the motorsport ‘family’. LM Performance’s DRS is our first programme to honour this pledge, where successful applicants can earn commission on every Liqui Moly product they sell through our website.”

“With the DRS programme, we wanted to offer more than a regular affiliate marketing or sales commission scheme,” explains LM Performance Managing Director Jeremy Aston-Phillips, “There are a number of different elements and levels to DRS. On the 11th March, we are launching with the top category, DRS ELITE.”

LM Performance Launches Driver & Racer Support Programme (DRS) LIQUI MOLY Bradley Gravett Rapid Cleaner Brake Cleaner


“We will handpick 20 ELITE Racers, all of whom will have convinced us that they know what it takes to make this programme work for them. We understand the power of social media, but we also know that racers might not be as media savvy as they are behind the wheel, so we will provide them with hints and advice that will assist them with promoting the products and the brand. Our social media manager will be on hand to assist them in creating compelling content that we can also share, thus giving them further exposure.”

“Yes, there is a commission element to DRS, which will pay up to 15% back to the racers, but it is not all about the money and sales,” Aston-Phillips continues, “to add a really important dynamic to DRS, we have added something that will help each of the ELITE racers get their ‘head in the game’ before a race. Through our partners at Thinkingitbetter.com, we have also added 3 hours of one-on-one personal mindset coaching as part of the programme. We are really excited about this element as it is all about positive attitude and thinking in a way that removes obstacles and negativity.”

LM Performance Launches Driver & Racer Support Programme (DRS) LIQUI MOLY Bradley Gravett Brake Fluid Race


“You can be the fastest driver, but without funding, some business acumen and the right attitude, you will never achieve the success that you might in motorsport,” Gravett comments. “Back when I started out, I had to make every penny work for me, and I learned very fast that my sponsors were providing the lifeblood to enable me to compete. I tell every young driver I talk to, that you have to have as much of a business head on you as a racing head to succeed in motorsport. I believe that with DRS, we have put together a business-based sponsorship programme, that will reward racers as well as giving them support in their attitude and mindset.”

LM Performance Launches Driver & Racer Support Programme (DRS) LIQUI MOLY Bradley Gravett Wheel Rim Cleaner Spray


LM Performance Driver & Racer Support Programme

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